Stonework: What it Means to American Stone By Luciano


American Stone LS is a third generation masonry company located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. Having accumulated over 30 years of masonry experience, our clients expect nothing but stonework of the highest quality and elegance when dealing with our masons.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when hiring a masonry company.

First, you need to be able to work with masons who are wiling to cater to your every need from the start of the project and respect that you as a client come first. You’ll also want to consider hiring a mason contractors with years of experience to execute the building of your structure. From fireplaces, stonewalls, pillars, fire pits, outdoor/indoor pizza ovens, and any other stonework project you can imagine. Bucks County is well known for both the historical and modern homes and buildings that inhabit it. The masons at American Stone LS are highly experienced in dealing with both. Praised for our preference of real stone over fake, our clients have grown to expect stonework of the highest quality and elegance when dealing with our masonry company.  We achieve this objective, by going above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

As stated, we’ve been praised and complimented by our clients for stonework we’ve done on a consistent basis. We start by providing free consolations and estimates to any interested client. We take all of our inquiries seriously, and work with you to schedule appointments where we discuss your needs, as well as provide our years of expertise, and work on a plan for building a stone structure we can both be proud of.  You have the option of working with us to design your idea and bring it to life, or you can look through our database of past projects to help inspire your one of a kind stonework structure. This way we can have a better understanding of your exact needs so that we can work to surpass your expectations.

We at American Stone LS pride ourselves in our ability to exceed the expectations of our clientele. While other Bucks County masonry companies focus on time and surplus as their business motto, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Whether you're looking to touch up previously done masonry around your household, or you have an idea which you would like to bring to life, American Stone LS is the mason contractors to call today. We believe stonework is a form of out, and strive to make every stone structure a masterpiece to last for generations.