Who We Are & What We're About

Originating in the Philadelphia & Tristate Area, American Stone LS provides the highest quality masonry projects nation wide. From Fireplaces, Brick Ovens, Chimneys, Ponds, Patios, Wine cellars, Restorations, Stucco, and more. All of which are fully customized to your needs. Our masons have truly mastered the art of masonry and collectively share the same appreciation for high quality stonework. Stonework built to stand the test of time.

Our clients are primarily those which appreciate real stone. From historic and modern houses, to noteworthy buildings such as The Cannon Club at Princeton University, our exquisite European craftsmanship is apparent in every project our masonry company undertakes. While other construction companies aim to finish projects timely as a primary objective, we take pride in our work and put forth the necessary time & patience into every project completion. Stonework is a timeless art , and we at American Stone LS keep that in mind during all phases of production.


"Stonework is a form of art, and we strive to build every masterpiece to stand the test of time"

- Luciano Sansalone -