Testimonials From Our Clients 

The project American Stone By Luciano completed for me was a retaining wall in my backyard, and its absolutely gorgeous. I began the project with no clear picture of how I wanted the wall to look. Luciano went with me to look for the perfect stones to create the wall.

He worked efficiently and kept my immaculate throughout the construction process. Luciano and his highly trained team of masons went over the top to satisfy my wants and kept me in the loop during construction. Next spring I will be planting lots of flowers to compliment the already beautiful and elegant wall.
— Sherryl Gordan (Doylestown PA)

I have known Luciano Sansalone and his masonry company American Stone for some 15 years. I live in a stone farmhouse that was built in 1739. Recently I worked with an architect to design and build a house for my mother in law next to mine. We designed the house to match my existing stone house and the original stonework done in 1739. It was in this way that I really got to know Luciano’s quality of stonework, and watch him on a daily basis. The job called not only for the selection of 30 tons of field stone, but for the stone to match my house in both size, shape, color, and then to match the bridge pointing as well. I can say without hesitation that Luciano’s stonework is of the highest quality.

When I was in art school I was told by one of my professors that the difference between a craftsman and an artist, is that a craftsman creates what other people want to see, but the artist creates his own vision. Having witnessed, Luciano at work and seeing the final job I would say that he is both an artist and a super-craftsman. In the current building trade there are many materials that are in my opinion of poor quality, so if you want to build your house using vinyl siding or hard board, then do not call Luciano. However if you want a classic house or a job built of one of the greatest and time tested materials, stone, then Luciano is your man. Easily the top mason contractor in Bucks County.
— Peter Wallach (Buckingham PA)
Original Stone Farmhouse built in 1739

Original Stone Farmhouse built in 1739

Stonework done in 2012 to match original 1739 style.

Stonework done in 2012 to match original 1739 style.

It is with enthusiasm that we recommend Luciano Sansalone as both a stone mason and builder. Luciano is a true craftsman who treats every project as a work of art. The outdoor fireplace he constructed for us is unique in design, elegant in style and visually beautiful. He painstakingly shaped each stone with patience and an “old-world” sense of design. The fireplace looks like a picture from an architectural magazine.

Moreover, it was a pleasure working with Luciano. He welcomed us into the process of design and execution at all levels. He listened to our desires and translated that into a special fireplace unique to us. He was also wonderful to have working around our house, regaling us with stories and becoming part of our family. Luciano has created a Zen garden in our backyard that we enjoy immensely and is the envy of our neighbors. It is the focal point of many family gatherings. An outdoor fireplace creates a warm, inviting environment that is irresistible. We highly recommend Luciano Sansalone as both a mason contractor and builder for any project you may be planning.
— Jerome & Tammy Connor (Doylestown PA)

We have been customers of American Stone for more than 13 years. During that time, we have been extremely satisfied with the quality of stonework done. In every project, they either met or exceeded our expectations. Based on our experience involving the following projects, we highly recommend American Stone By Luciano and give them a five-star rating!

-Total demolition of existing interior fireplace – installation of Rumford style firebox, restructure of flue and stucco wall
-Stone facing on large addition to house
-Stucco on existing side of house
-Repair of grouting on flagstone patio
-Extension of existing hearth
-Replacement of front and side stone walkways
-Removal and replacement of thick stone slabs on patio – designed and carved special drip line to protect wall
-Rebuilding stone retaining wall
-Line driveway with Belgian block
-Stucco two interior fireplaces and install two new flagstone hearths

In our dealings with American Stone, we have found the owner/operator, Luciano Sansalone, to be honest, hard-working and a true artisan. During our latest project, the replacement of our den fireplace, Luciano handled some tough challenges, including an angled corner flue that had to be redesigned and the installation of a custom Rumford-style firebox. The results were dramatic. We feel that the fireplace is now more efficient and safer, thanks to Luciano’s precise installation. They are great masonry contractors who are both highly experienced and pleasurable to work with. We look forward to working with American Stone By Luciano in the future!
— Joe & Tana Damino (New Hope PA)