Stonework Restoration

Bucks County and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas are rich in history. Because of this, many homes are historical landmarks in their own right. There are many houses built in the 1800’s that still stand today. American Stonework LS has had the privilege to meet and work with many of these homeowners and help restore their houses to their original beauty.

The company excels in restoration work. Re-pointing is the process of con-caving previous joints and refilling them with the proper mortar mix appropriate to the type of stonework. The process begins by meeting with you and examining the project. No two re-pointing projects are the same. In fact, sometimes work has begun before it can be assessed if con-caving the joints will still work and what needs replacing.
While re-pointing is mostly common in stone walls and pillars, the process can be applied to any stone structure; including chimneys, fireplaces, patios, pillars and more. Clients sometimes choose the concave style of jointing for their project only to later decide that they would have rather had the convex style. Both looks are elegant in their own way and it really depends on the type of project being worked on and a client’s preference.
Whether it’s a new structure or restorations to a previous project, re-pointing and restorations can make all the difference, depending on the quality of masonry. We take restorations just as seriously as constructing new projects.