While compliments and customer satisfaction are consistent in any of our projects, our fireplaces in particular set us apart from any other masonry company in both style and uniqueness. They make up a huge aspect of our 40+ years of masonry experience.

While indoor fireplaces are a timeless centerpiece to any household, we have seen an increase in the number of clients desiring outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces make a great centerpiece to any family gathering. Because of all the variations in blends of natural stone, every fireplace is unique. Both consistent in quality and different from any other fireplace we've built. That's because we want to make your project something for both of us to be proud .

There are homes with historic fireplaces needing touch ups, homes with recently added stone fireplaces, and homes without a fireplace. We receive many calls from customers wishing to have their fireplaces redone or restored. We work diligently to make sure your expectations are met from the start.